Code Academy


Starting off on Code Academy, made my account using my home e-mail


Learning the basic’s, we’re starting with the header,  these go at the top of your documents, or at the “head” if you will,  always important to have a header so people can understand quickly what your page is about.



Learning the Paragraphs and Links.

Paragraphs are important for reading, they’re the main bit of text in documentations can’t leave everything up to the header.

Links are, as that second image says, a defining feature of the Web, they lead to other web pages, which is useful when you want to  give more information about the things you are talking about



Images, much like links, are very important in web pages, people need visual aid to help know what exactly you’re talking about, you wouldn’t know why I was talking about images without these ones up here.


 Learning the about the body and completing part 1

The human body is the entire structure of a human being and comprises a head, haha, no not that body, the body of a website is the main structure, everything is supported by the body, it’s a vital, important and everything would be strewn about in a bloody mess it it weren’t there.


From doing the code academy I have learned about the various applications of websites such as headers and footer while it’s made with HTML is the content, Javascript is the interactivity and CSS is the style and all of them together make HTML 5.

From writing my own code, I’ve found that it is mainly problem solving, once you have learned the basic terminology.

HTML and CSS are not something I am that dedicated to  learning but I now have enough knowledge  to create my own website and I know how to search the internet to help me solve any problems I have.