FMP Pre-Production

FMP Diagram


Here are my FMP Ideas, I am using this space to debate with myself which I could go with

Coding a Website

Coding a website could be an interesting FMP, It wouldn’t take a lot of space for the presentation, the main problems with this

Making an Advertisement

Advertisement – An Advertisement would take up a tad more space than a website but since it’s an Ad, I could just put them up all around the show room and have a table with them so people know they’re mine, Making an advertisement wouldn’t be as hard as coding a website but I couldn’t really think of a good way to advertise, nor an actual that could be advertised.

Magazine – I do have experience with making magazine pages due to an earlier course, and they would be easy to show around on the show floor, but  the topic of what to use and what should it be about leave me stumped..

Making a Model

Character – Making one of my own characters sounds like a fun idea that I would love to try, but I am not confident enough in my ability at character modelling to have a model I’ll be proud to show by the time of the show.

Building – A Building could be interesting, If I can’t model a character I’ll be proud of by the time the show comes around I would be better off doing a building so I could still show off one of my characters homes or occupations, the problem with this one is that…. well it’s a building just having my area in the show be a computer with an  image of a building slowly being turned around does not have have a lot of impact.

Concept Art

World – The thought of designing a world sounds very exciting to me, especially since I have been working on my own world in my personal time, I could simply make that into work and save myself time.

Characters – I am constantly designing characters so showing them off for College work sounds right up my alley, if I just put a bunch of character drawings onto one page to show off that specific character, and then make a few of those I should be good

Places – With worlds comes characters and with characters come places to live, I’m not the best with landscapes at the moment but drawing one to show off a central location by the time the show comes around shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’d need an overall, bigger stall to show off the various works  than what I would with the other ideas so perhaps I shouldn’t make too many large pictures.




Here, I’m introducing 5 artists I have found and admired for their concept work and or 3D model

Starting off, we have

Ryuji Kobayashi

Ryuji Kobayashi is best known for his work on the Animal Crossing and Wii Play Series, He became Lead Artist for the Legend of Zelda; Skyward Sword, even designing the new Link, this is the overall style I’d like to try, charming and colourful with a cell shading style, it’s both simple and full of life.

SKyward Sword

Team Ackk – Brigid Allanson

Brigid is a concept artist, character designer, and animator for the 2D portions of YIIK; A Modern RPG


Her designs are unique and diverse with every character having their own style, and that is something I wish to have in my character designs.


Also known as “SmashingRenders” An artist on Deviantart and Twitter who uses Blender to make working 3D models of various characters.

Comparing his earliest work posted online in 2014

Old Bowser

to his latest work just this April 2016

New Bowser

the difference in quality  is very inspirational.

But if I was going to make something along these lines I would personally use Maya instead of Blender due to easier layout and controls.

The characters he makes are coloured in such a way that they look soft and even the scaly characters look easy to hug.

Ross O’Donovan

Also known as RubberNinja, Ross is a member of the Game Grumps on Youtube, He is is also an animator who has released a number of animations on his own channel.

Cat robo

Characters he has made all stand out in design but not in a way that makes one character stand out over another, they all fit together in their own universe.

Making sure each character looks like they belong in the universe is important otherwise it’ll end up looking weird.

Tatsuya Nomura

Tatsuya Nomura is the Character Designer for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series by Square Enix, From Final Fantasy 5 in 1992 to Final Fantasy 15 in 2016 he has worked on character design filled with vibrant colors as well as the unique combination of eastern and western influences.

Here is his work on Final Fantasy 7 in 1993


compared to his work on Smash Bros in 2014.

Cloud Smash

It’s easy to see that he has come a long way during his employment in Square Enix.

What I love most about Tatsuya’s character designs is that they’re unique, they stand out and that they’re memorable, if you were to silhouette any of his characters they’d be easily recognizable which is the sigh of good character design.

Giving each character a design that is recognisable, even as a silhouette is a top priority of mine.