FMP Production

Unreal Project: How it began

We started my level design by choosing a theme, in my case, I chose a Modern theme, I then sketched out my level design, including a market, station and motel and pathways.

Importing it to photoshop, I made a more refined version of my map using various textures from the internet including bricks for buildings, pathways and roads.

Used the photoshop image as a texture in Unreal so I would know where to place buildings, plus giving the project it’s own folder on the computer so I could properly save all the assets in an easily accessible place.

I have not created a landscape at the moment, I used a big rectangle for my level. I plan to change the environment when I finish making all of the models.

Also as the level takes place in a city environment there are few trees than there would be otherwise.

When you make a material you have to find the appropriate texture online, then use photoshop to make the image loop appropriately so when it is applied as a texture to models, it looks rather seamless and thus, a lot nicer.

In the Unreal engine there are several nodes used for adding shine and other such effects to textures, this helps my models, made in maya, to look more interesting, giving objects the correct texture, such as a shine or make it look rough or slimy.

All of my models were made using using all the different methods such as extrusion and Booleans.

I have made my own textures for models, using planar mapping to customize my UV’s I was able to properly link all the textures together.

My first model, the Motel was made using big rectangle, one of the basic shapes along with pyramids for the roof, later though, in order to make it easier for the textures to be applied the rectangles, I changed the large rectangles meant to be both apartments of the motel at once into smaller rectangles for each separate room in the motel, though now I have to make some extra shapes to fill around the motel because not all the apartments completely fill underneath the motels roof, I changed the UV maps of the apartment rectangles into squares so it was easy to manipulate the the shape so I could add doors and windows.

As for other Assests in my level, I plan to change the skybox into one that shows a more morning light, as well as some street lights and ambient city sounds.

My motel model had a few problems with clipping issues and the sign image not being properly flipped but they were soon fixed through maya.

Overall, I have enjoyed working on maya and the unreal project; they have been exciting experiences that I would not mind learning more about.