FMP Research

What I’m doing – Proposal

Concept Art

Character Design and Modeling 

Level Design and Modelling

For my Final Major Project, I shall be going through the motions of that of a Game Designer, which means I will be sketching out concept designs for A main character, enemies, a world and levels in which to they all come together, there shall be a sketch phase, a rough draft and final version for each design.

Along with this I shall be making the Main Character as well a one level in a 3D Modelling Software both at Home and at College.

The current concept for my project is a fantasy setting taking place in a modern day environment;

An example of this can be seen in the upcoming Final Fantasy 15


Though there are still phantasmal beings within this setting, it’s taking the fantasy elements and bringing them to modern day as seen by the car, even cities have the fantasy creatures living and or invading them.

My idea is similar to this, only it also uses other fantasy races, included but not limited too, Orcs and Elves, Dwarfs and Satyrs, Werewolves and Vampires, there are more, a lot more in fact. But this isn’t a list of the finer details of the whole project, but it is something to include in the rough drafts.


The Concept Art for the main character shall include a turn around of the character featuring a few from the front, view from the back and a view from the side, as, enemies will simply get the turn around while the world and level concept art will get distant and close up shots.