FMP Character Design

My FMP started out as simply deciding on a deciding on a character for my 3D character rig, I decide a multitude of designs on hand  to choose from including

A Horse guy (who’s name is Todd)

2016-05-01 22.03.39

And a Forrest Ranger (Reilly, Who is also a Dwarf + Elf)

2016-01-24 11.48.03

in the end I decided to go for a Librarian who was also a Snake Man(Helio)

2016-05-25 12.19.39

but my teacher recommended I go for a simpler design in the form of my Fairy Man(Parker)

2015-05-16 12.32.13

wings are still a difficulty to add, but he was interesting enough to be memorable should I be able to make him, I used a Steam App named Fuse to make a model as closely as I could, no open jackets to be able to show off his chest as I wanted not was there any mullet style hair-dos as, but something short  worked well enough

(Will include screenshot later in the day)

Though I made the model I did not get around to adding any wings nor rigging because I simply felt the need to keep drawing this character more so I could show him off more, that is when I decided my FMP would be showing off my various character designs

I also designed fantasy buildings to suit my charcaters, then building them in maya, though I would not make Helio a character model, I did build his fantastical library.

tumblr_o72fliNzar1rp1y75o5_r2_540View 3

as well as a motel for Parker,because he is an adventurer who does not stay in one place for too long.

View 1

for my final FMP I worked on a character select screen, it easily show cases what I’d like to show off and shows I have plenty more.

As in characters.

Character select

Design not final