New Nintendo 3DS Advertisement

Final Advertisements

Two final Ads for the New Nintendo 3Ds Consoles, Nintendo is a company that sells it’s characters as much as it’s consoles so showing off characters are important aspect.

One problem both of these share is a rather cluttered picture, but the second shows the N-Nintendo 3DS clearly while the first covers it up.

I used a rainbow in the advertisement because Nintendo Advertisements are always colourful and cheerful, the many characters featured in the ad are all sorts of different colours too so embraced those aspects and tried to made the advertisements noticeably colourful overall.

Currentworkfinal.pngAlt Work Final ver


To briefly describe how I made these images, I first used my own 3DS as the model used in the picture, though clearly it wasn’t cleaned first…

I mostly used the masking tool in these pictures, to hide characters in or behind the 3DS but I also used the Camera Raw feature to change up so colours in the picture and give it some clarity.

And on Luigi in particular I had to edit the L on his so it face the proper way, I just used the lasso tool to cut it out and rotate it, then used the brush too to make the lighting on it more proper.

The original image faced to the right, if I had just flipped it and left it alone the L on his cap would look like this.

image of Unicode Character 'REVERSED SANS-SERIF CAPITAL L' (U+2143)

Text is hard to make stand out in these kind of pictures but I found it stood out more with more of a backdrop, unfortunately just using a “Drop Shadow” feature wasn’t enough so I duplicated the text and made the second one black, positioning it behind the other so it looked like a backdrop.

For the stars in the first picture I just got a PNG image of Stars online, they just  coloured of them on the layer  above it, the I magic wand-ed around the stars and cut away everything that wasn’t stars and then I cut that same thing on the colours  layer about it so all the colours were in star shapes, after that I set the layer to overlay.